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Historical > Historical Commission
•   Historical Commission

Alpine Township Historical Commission hosts an Open House every third Sunday of the month. We honor Father's Day and Christmas with no open house in June or December.

Alpine Township Historical Commission is always looking for items you would like to share, such as photos, which can be scanned and kept digitally. Originals can stay with you. We will give you a digital DVD of any photo scanned. Also, we have a collection of 4 generation photos. As you gather at any time, please remember to take a 4 generation photo and please share it with us. We can reproduce it and return your original.

Sun., Oct. 18 at 2 p.m. Alpine Twp. Historical Comm. is hosting a review of the Alt Family in Alpine Township. Mary Alt is writing a book on the Alt Family History and will be reviewing what she has and ask for help identifying people in photos. This November, the Alt Family History book will be printed and available for a great Christmas gift! 
Admission is free and refreshments will be served at Alpine Twp. Community Room, 2015 Seven Mile Road, corner of 7 Mile Road and Baumhoff St.

Alpine Twp. Historical Commission Members
Ruth Post, President
Kit Post, Treasurer
Judy McNally, Museum
Marta Brechting, Museum 
Peg Brechting, Museum
Mary Alt, computer operations
Pat Cederholm,Communications 
Don Doyle, Programing

Bill Schweitzer, Township Representative