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Fire and Police > Welcome to Alpine Township Police Services
•   Welcome to Alpine Fire Department
•   Welcome to Alpine Township Police Services

Police Service

Alpine is serviced by the Kent County Sheriff's Department. In addition to a District car covering four Townships, Alpine contracts additional shifts of its own patrol car. For emergencies, call 911. For complaints, call (616) 336-3113. For information, call (616) 632-6100. For T.D.D. only, call (616) 774-2398.

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch can be a great means of information sharing between the Kent County Sheriff’s Department and your neighborhood. Alpine has been frequently noted as a community leading the way in terms of its "Watch" groups, in both the residential and rural areas of the Township.

Our community policing officers have worked with organizing and maintaining Neighborhood Watch programs. These neighborhood-based groups have been utilized to dispatch alerts regarding suspicious activities, break-ins, and other safety concerns. The Neighborhood Watch groups have been successful in deterring crime. More than one burglary case has been solved through alert neighbors using their training and taking note of license numbers and details from vehicles that they didn't recognize in their neighborhood.

The Community Police Services also keep in touch with the other apartment, mobile home and condo associations who may not have a formal Neighborhood Watch representative.

Some Watch Group Leaders (within our Community Policing Service District, including western Plainfield Township):

  • Rural Neighborhood Watch: Laurie Alt
  • Strawberry Pines Condos: Georgia Kellar
  • Westgate Neighborhood: Jeremy Kelly
  • York Creek Estates Condos: Jane Symko
  • Yorkview/Mabel Condos: Ann Hole
  • Timber Creek: Roger Parent
  • Alpine Meadows: Susan Szelag
  • Alpine Slopes: Deb Larson
  • Churchill Place: Fred and Pat Alt
  • Westgate Townhouses: Holly VanderLaan
  • Little Pine Island (Plainfield Township): Roger Johnson
  • Northern Estates (Plainfield Township): Julie Berry
  • Reflection (Plainfield Township): Kathi Riggs
  • Scott Lake Trail (Plainfield Township): Lynne Barnhart
  • Pine Island (Plainfield Township): Todd Jenks

    Neighborhood Watch links

    Alpine Township Neighborhood Watch

    Hunting Safety Courses

    Officer Ertle conducts hunting safety courses during the Fall (hunting season). The course involves three evening meetings. Attendance at each is required to receive a course certificate. The class is open to all who may need a hunting certificate, ages 12 and older (or who will be 12 years of age for the hunting season). Students must bring a pen or pencil to class.  Registration is required. To register, contact the Township Offices (616-784-1262). There is a $5.00 registration fee payable the first day of class.

    Small game, turkey, archery deer, and resident bear is open to those 12 years and older. Firearm deer is open to those 14 years and older.

    Boater Safety Classes

    Deputy Ertle will conduct these free classes in the Spring. The class is held on two nights, the dates will be announced.  Students must attend each night of their respective class and be 12 years or older.