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Property Maintenance

Welcome to the Alpine Township Property Maintenance Code page. The Township adopted the Property Maintenance Code to ensure public health, safety and welfare in so far as they are affected by the occupancy and maintenance of structures and premises.

Property owners in the Township are required to maintain their premises in a clean, sanitary and safe condition. Commercial structures and properties are inspected by the Township on a yearly basis. Private residences are inspected by complaint or obvious exterior failings.

junk carsCommon Property Complaints Inspected by the Township

  • Unregistered junk vehicles

  • Overgrown Lawns

  • Unsafe structures

  • Unmaintained Buildings

  • Abandoned Buildings

  • Illegally occupied Buildings

  • Rubbish and trash

  • Hazardous Sidewalks

  • Insect and Rodent infestation

  • Abandoned properties

  • Illegal signs  



Campbell picture(3) 

Bob Devereaux
Code Enforcement Officer
Zoning Enforcement

Gary Campbell
Building Inspections
Property Maintenance 

Unsafe Structures and Attractive Nuisances

For the safety of the Township citizens, the Property Maintence Staff will direct Property owners to take corrective action on any property that poses an imminent danger of collapse or a property that has been abandoned and is not secured from the general public.

abandoned house

barn falling(2)

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Bob Devereaux (unlicensed vehicles, animal complaints, trash, sidewalks, etc...) or Gary Campbell (all building and structural and systems related to the function of the structure) during regular business hours. Please help us keep our Township a safe, healthy and attractive place to live, work and play.