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Alpine Building Department

State Building Code Updates:

Welcome to the Alpine Township Building Department. The Department is responsible for administering and enforcing the State of Michigan Construction Codes.

The State codes currrent being enforced are:

·   2015 Michigan Building Code (for all non-residential and non- agricultural Structures).
·   2015 Michigan Residential Code (for all one and two family homes and their accessory           
·   2014 National Electric Code
·   2015 Michigan Mechanical Code                                                           construction inspection
·   2015 Michigan Plumbing Code
·   2015 International Fuel gas Code
·   2015 Michigan Rehabilitation Code

The Township Inspectors are licensed by the State of Michigan and are required by the state to renew their licenses every three years upon proof of completing the continuing education credit work as mandated by the Bureau of Construction Codes 

Frank Mileski
Electrical Inspector

Campbell picture(2)
Gary Campbell
Building Official/Inspector
Plan Reviewer
Vince Milito
Plumbing Inspector
Mechanical Inspector

Please remember, any work performed by a contractor must be inspected by a licensed inspector by state law. Building inspections can be performed any time during the week and trade inspections (electrical, plumbing, mechanical) are performed usually late afternoon. Contractors are required to request inspections through our office and inspections are allowed to be performed until 6:00pm.

Building Permit Fees are based on the Bureau of Construction Codes Square Foot Valuation Table or declared contract value per Resolution #15-05.

Types of work requiring permits

The State of Michigan Construction Codes lists specifically what types of work require permits and what is exempt from the permitting process. If you are having any work done for you by a contractor that you have hired and you do not have proof of a permit being obtained (a yellow permit card), you should verify with the Building Department if a permit was required. Remember, state licensed inspections not only verify proper installation and structural integrity, they also verify safety, quality of life, and egress requirements of the State Codes. Some examples of what type of work requires a permit and what does not are listed below:
commercial construction

Work requiring a State mandated permit
(2015 MRC/2012, Section 105.1)
Work not requiring a permit
(2105 MRC/2012 MBC, Section 105.1)
Exterior Decks and Sunrooms Painting, wallpapering, carpeting
Replacing water heaters  Repairing leaking pipes
Sheds greater than 200 square feet Playground equipment for a residence
Basement remodels Replacing countertops
Replacing a furnace Retaining walls less than 4' tall
Swimming pools greater than 24" deep Sidewalks and driveways
Interior remodels and tenant finishes Landscaping not including retaining walls
Installing drywall Sheds less than 200 square feet
Bathroom remodels Replacing existing light fixtures
Egress windows and window wells Lawn sprinkler systems 
New roofing and/or exterior siding Repairing windows
New or upgraded electrical service Replacing plumbing fixtures


Mobile Home Parks

mobile home      The Building Department is responsible for inspecting new
     mobile home 
installations and inspecting mobile home rental
     units. All accessory structures 
attached to a mobile home
     (Decks, Sunrooms, Storage Additions, etc...) 
require building
     permits. Any yard storage buildings greater than 200 square

     feet require a building permit before construction. any storage
     units below 200 
square feet require a zoning compliance
     permit. By state law, units constructed 
before 1976 are not
     allowed to be moved into a community without being re-certified

     by a state licensed agency.


Any contractor performing work greater than $600 in value is required to have a license as issued by the state of Michigan. The Building Department verifies all State licenses and can assist if you have any questions about a contractor you're dealing with.