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All Alpine Towship's water supply is through Plainfield Township. For any questions pertaining to water including connecting to public water and billing, please contact Plainfield Township's Water Department (616)363-9660.

You may pay your water bill at the Alpine Township Office as long as your bill is not past due. Late bills must be paid directly to Plainfield Township. 


A note from the Supervisor about your drinking water: 

Over the past few months, a major issue of concern has been the discovery of PFAS and PFOA in drinking water from wells in Plainfield Twp. From the start both Plainfield Twp. and the DEQ have been forth coming with information on this water crisis. We have waited to see if any of the Plainfield, or DEQ investigations would affect us here in Alpine Twp. There have been NO Wolverine Shoe dump sites located in Alpine Twp. Well testing shows that PFAS chemicals have been found in some wells in Plainfield Twp., and that the spread of the chemical is going south and southeast in the aquifer system. At this time there is no need to worry about any contamination in Alpine Twp. For residents who use Plainfield Water as their water supply, that water meets the highest standards of Safe Drinking Water. It is tested continuously and is perfectly safe to drink. I will continue to drink it. I receive updates on a regular basis and will keep you informed. Alpine Township drinking water is safe whether from a well or from the Plainfield Water Dept. system. For more information feel free to call at 784-1262.


Greg Madura

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